Avenged Sevenfold Masuk Nominasi 2010 OC Music Award

Avenged Sevenfold masuk nominasi dalam OC Music Awar tahun 2010O.C. Oughties: the 10 best albums of the ’00s. untuk kategori Best Metal. Album mereka juga masuk dalam 10 album terbaik dalam satu dekade ini untuk
3. Avenged Sevenfold, City of Evil (2005)
I so disliked their Hopeless Records efforts, including the cultishly admired roar of Waking the Fallen from 2003, that I almost took this Warner Bros. breakthrough as a joke. M. Shadows had gratifyingly stopped shouting and learned to sing instead, but were they really serious about these almost operatic torrents of GNR-gone-speed-metal? Were we not supposed to chuckle at the Iron Maiden-ish cover of a sword-wielding skeleton charging through what I’ve always figured is the title town atop a horse from hell? But then “Bat Country” inexplicably took over the MTV airwaves, and it all became clear –- not only was this move away from the guttural and toward heavy gloss designed for maximum stereo impact, it was a calculated move to make these remodeled hard-partyin’ bad boys mega-stars. And it worked: apart from anything associated with Gwen Stefani, this is the only album from an Orange County act to go platinum all decade (even Sugar Ray only made it to gold). It deserved a Grammy nod at the time; five years on it’s still one of the best hard-rock albums of the era, as is the self-titled follow-up from 2007. At least once, play it loud for the Rev.

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