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Just finished my drum tracks for the Avenged Sevenfold album...what an amazing and emotional experience! Me & Zacky celebrated by getting matching Death Bat tats here in the studio....
(I also went with Matt on Sat night when he got a new Death Bat tat with Jimmy's face...)

I must thank the amazing A7X fans for being so open and welcoming to me...I was fearing them being very defensive over The Rev's drum throne but they've all been so supportive, open-minded, understanding and excited by the is a huge relief to me and the guys!

What an awesome family spirit these guys have...lotsa love! Shadows, Gates, Zacky & Johnny are now my brothers for life...hopefully this wont be the last time I play with them....


PS - And oh yeah...the album is gonna be incredible!

The Rev is absolutely looking down with a big-ass smile on his face! : )

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