All Excess
 July 17th, 2007
Warner Brother
    Includes the documentary 'All Excess', music videos for 'Unholy Confessions', 'Bat Country', 'Beast And The Harlot' and 'Seize The Day'. Making of 'Seize The Day' incl. commentaries. Live performances, outtakes and bonus content

Live in the LBC & 
Diamonds in the Rough

 September 16, 2008
Warner Brothers

01. Critical Acclaim
02. Second Heartbeat
03. Afterlife
04. Beast and Harlot
05. Scream
06. Seize the Day
07. Walk
08. Bat Country
09. Almost Easy
10. Gunslinger
11. Unholy Confessions
12. A Little Piece of Heaven

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