Rock Sound Reviews "Nightmare" (Album)

Rock Sound telah menempatkan review pertama mereka "Nightmare", untuk memeriksa setiap lagu itu sendiri. Baca preview di bawah ini. Untuk review lengkap, pergi ke sini! Artikel ini juga berisi gambar foto shoot terbaru.


Another slow-building, ballad-esque opening: “How do I live without the ones I love? Facing time always on my mind. I have so much to say, but you’re so far away.” Finally there’s something a little bit genuine in this. This track is the most heartfelt so far, but just as you think the song should end, out comes the acoustic guitar and a repeated build up launching straight into a ‘November Rain’-type guitar solo. Wow, Axl would be crying his eyes out right now.


Quiet guitars lead into a colossal crashing of drums and a tune that is anthemic. Inspiring some serious fist pumping, this will be great for live shows. There’s a lot of hate here, mostly directed at God. There’s also possibly the worst beatdown known to man, but a widdly guitar solo redeems it, kind of.




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